At Bisbee Sound Studio we offer local artists an affordable, comfortable recording studio. We can accommodate solo artists, small combo's, and full bands. We have the ability to record up to 18 simultaneous channels of audio, with a virtually unlimited number of tracks available. We have a variety of microphones, preamps, instruments and other equipment available to our clients, as well as a wide assortment of software plug-ins and outboard gear.

Bisbee Sound Studio has been the recording facility of choice for a variety of projects including those by Damaris, La Luna Tunes, Michael Grande, Dan Simonis, David Pavlovich, Becky Reyes, KBRP, University of Arizona, RuWA, and (of course) Train Wreck.

“I am committed to helping you realize your recording vision. I am comfortable
with most forms of music as well as spoken word recording, and have over 20 years
of experience as a recording and sound engineer.” ------------ Sean Trachtman


You will be pleasantly surprised by the high level of sound quality and expertise available to you right here in Bisbee, Arizona.

We also have extensive mobile multitrack recording capabilities - let us know what you need, we'll let you know what we can do for you.

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We also offer live sound reinforcement services and
system installations as well as equipment repair.

For more information, contact engineer/producer Sean Trachtman
by phone at 520-227-6305 or email at

Bisbee Sound Studio
404 Shattuck Street
Bisbee, Arizona 85603

(c) 2010 Sean Trachtman