We are a PC based recording facility running Avid Pro Tools 10 on an Intel i7 with 16Gigs of Ram, lots of Hard drive space (on multiple drives, including an SSD audio data drive), and a 28" display. We use a Focusrite Pro 40 24 paired with an Alesis ADAT converter allowing for 18 channels of simultaneous recording and 96 tracks of mixing.

Our spacious main room has vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors (with rugs), one stonework wall, and is oddly shaped, all leading to one of those happy accidents - a really good sounding recording space! And it's a very comfortable environment. Give us a call and we'll set up a time for you to come in and check it all out.

A bit more about the gear...

Mackie HR824
Tascam CM-4
JBL J2060
plus those crappy little PC speakers, just to make sure...

Microphones include:
Neumann TLM49
Rode NT1-A (matched pair)
ShinyBox 46MXL Ribbon (Lundahl xfrmer)

Oktava MKL-2500 (a real Russian one)
Shure SM-81
Fat Head Ribbon

AKG C 1000S (matched pair)
Sennhieser MD 441-U
Shure Beta 52 Kick mic
Audio Technica 8533 clip-on (3 - great for drums, horns)
Blue Ball (phantom pwrd dynamic)
Peavey Studio Pro M2
MXL 603S (matched pair)
Electro-Voice PL84's
Shure 57's and 58's
357's and 257's
Sony ECM-33 (pair)
plus a few other odds & ends, and more on the way (always!)...

Mic Pre amps:
Focusrite Platinum Trackmaster Pro channel strip
dbx 386 Tube
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

PreSonus MP20 dual
Peavey TMP-1 Tube
PreSonus BlueTube dual
Art Studio V3 Tube
Art Tube MP Studio

Digidesign Pro Tools 10
Adobe Audition 3.0

Waves Gold Bundle
-includes a host of world class Mastering and Mixing plugins

Universal Audio UAD-2 PCIe Powered Plug-in hardware accelerator card with:
-UA LA-2A Compressor
-UA LA-3A Compressor
-UA 1176 Compressor
-Plate 140 Reverb
-Oxide Tape Emulator
-Realverb Pro Reverb
-Precision De-esser
-Pultec EQ
-CS-1 Channel Strip

-plus a few others (and more all the time)...
Melodyne Pitch Correction (amazing!)
Bomb Factory BF76 Compressor

...plus a slew of gates, modulators, delays, exciters, filters, time and pitch corrction, noise reduction/restoration, you name it - we've got it.

Worth Mentioning:
-We can set up a fairly elaborate headphone monitoring system when necessary - we have an assortment of quality headphones and several stand-alone headphone amps designed just for such occasions.
-We also have a number of Gobo's (movable sound absorbent room dividers) that allow us to set up the room for a wide variety of recording situations, including vocal recording isolation.

ALSO-We have partnered with Star Studio in Warren, which affords us - if needed - an even greater level of seperation (dedicated drum booth) and sonic options...they have a HUGE live room (50'x40' with 30+ foot ceilings - VERY old school!)


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For more information, contact recording engineer/producer Sean Trachtman
by phone at 520-227-6305 or email at Sean@BisbeeSound.com

Bisbee Sound Studio
404 Shattuck Street
Bisbee, Arizona 85603

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